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The Village at Izatys vs. Izatys Resort

I can understand your frustration so please let me try to explain to you what is going on. Izatys has four parts: The Village at Izatys (timeshares), Izatys Townhouse Association (privately owned townhomes), the Izatys Resort (Hotel, Clubhouse, Pool, Walleye World, Black Brook and Sanctuary Golf Courses) and then the Marina Association (rental slips and boat launching).
The big issue was the bankruptcy of the Izatys Resort, which affected our amenities. The bank ran it for a couple years keeping one golf course, the outdoor pool, the restaurant and the marina open. It was finally sold a couple of years ago and has been under the renovation process. Much progress has been made and the lodge has been remodeled, the clubhouse has been remodeled and 27 golf holes have been open along with tennis courts resurfaced and an addition of 6 pickleball courts. The pool has not been opened yet. We are hoping (because we have no control over the resort) the new owner will open the pool this spring as planned.
So “Yes”, The Village at Izatys Timeshare are and always have been open. “No” the Izatys Resort is not currently open but will be this spring. “Yes” we are a “Premier Gold” resort in Interval International. We, the owners at The Village of Izatys have been waiting a LONG time for the resort to re-open and our amenities to fully re-open.
We would love to have you come and stay. We believe you need to be informed on the status of the resort, which affects our available amenities. If you have any questions on the status, please call the Village at Izatys office at 1-800-980-5121
Have a great week,
The Village At Izatys Association


The Village at Izatys

Welcome to the Village at Izatys, II's only Minnesota based Premier Gold Resort.

The Village at Izatys on Lake Mille Lacs, only 90 minutes from the Twin Cities, is an exclusive yet affordable resort with year-round activities. Owners at the Village at Izatys enjoy full use of facilities of the renowned Izatys Resort including one of Minnesota's top golf courses, Blackbrook , the spectacular club house, outdoor pool, bar and restaurants and the full service marina.

Whether your interests include golfing, boating, and fishing or snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and ice-fishing, the Village at Izatys offers four seasons of endless activities.



Izatys Resort Update 5-7-15


 Izatys Resort Bar and Restaurant is Now Open!

Izatys Resort Golf Course is now open!!

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